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Personality Development

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Personality Development

NEW FOR 2016: Building on NSCAP’s well established and highly successful series of seven seminars we have now added three additional seminars extending Personality Development into adulthood, middle and older age.


Series of 10 Seminars: Leeds

Series of  7  Seminars: Manchester

This course provides a detailed introduction to the key developmental factors and unconscious processes involved in the emotional life of the child and family from before birth. The course is held over a series of seven Saturdays (10 in Leeds only) and is suitable for all professionals working with children, adolescents and adults.

This course covers:

  • The consideration of internal and external factors at work in the infant's developing sense of self
  • The child's relationship to his/her world and the nature of family interaction
  • Family functioning and the culture which supports the gradual growth of the personality
  • The psychic process of the latency years
  • The nature and function of adolescence and the striving towards independence and adulthood
  • Problems encountered during adolescence and the ongoing influence of earlier phases of life on apparently adult concerns

Participants are invited to think about the interplay of internal and external factors which underlie the development of personality throughout the life-cycle. Although participants can opt into selected seminars, the course is intended to highlight the impact on later development of earlier emotional experience across the age range and therefore the course will be most meaningful if the entire series is attended.

For further information and an application form please see downloads on this page or contact the Course Administrator on 0113 855 8750. The next full series will start in October 2016.


An enormous amount of thinking opened up in a surprisingly short number of hours



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