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Personality Development seminars in Leeds and Manchester


Personality Development seminars in Leeds and Manchester

Personality Development Across the Life Cycle - A Psychoanalytic Approach

A series of 10 seminars in Leeds (from October 2017) and Manchester (from November 2017)

This series of enlightening seminars explores how we grow and develop as people through the different stages of life, and how early experiences continue to resonate and influence our personality.  The psychoanalytic approach to personality development helps us to understand the multiple factors that shape who we are, how we feel and think, and how we relate to others, whether as a baby, adolescent or adult.  This course is essential learning for anyone who wants to know more about the key developmental factors and unconscious processes involved in the emotional life of the child and family from before birth and then through into old age.  It provides an important foundation of understanding for anyone who works in, or aims to work in, any of the human services such as physical and mental health, social care, education and the justice system.  It is for everyone who wants to know what makes people who they are. 

The Leeds series flyer is attached to download. To register for Manchester please email:


Leeds Series Flyer

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