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IAPT Couple Therapy for Depression

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IAPT Couple Therapy for Depression





Training Provider:  Tavistock Relationships

Venue:  NSCAP – Northern School of Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy, Bevan House, 34-36 Springwell Rd, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 1AW

Dates:  1) 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th Oct 2019

             2) 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th Feb 2020

This training is funded by Health Education England for the Yorkshire and the Humber, North West and North East region and is therefore free to applicants who meet the eligibility criteria, i.e professionals based in IAPT services in these areas.  You are welcome to complete the application form and e-mail it to training@tavistockrelationships.org

Priority will be given to individuals from services that have or are developing links to existing IAPT provision, however, people who do not work in IAPT but can access suitable cases will also be considered. 

Cost (if not eligible for funding from Health Education England) - £3.300 - the complete training (5 day course plus supervision and assessment)


About the Training

This CPD course is made up of 5 days of formal teaching and 20 sessions of supervision which enable practitioners to practice the NICE approved Couple Therapy for Depression approach as a treatment for mild to moderate depression in IAPT Services. Successful completion of the course and supervised clinical work allows accreditation as a ‘Couple Therapy for Depression IAPT Practitioner’.

Who is eligible for the training?
Applicants should have an interest in developing and extending their practice to work with couples where one or both are diagnosed with depression and ideally applicants should be in an IAPT Service, or be able to access their clinical work through an IAPT Service.  All applicants need to be able to access appropriate couple referrals from the outset of the course. Experience of working with couples is beneficial, although this is not a prerequisite. 

Each application must include:
• a completed ‘Applicant’s Details’ form
• a statement of support from a current supervisor
• a statement of support from your line manager
• a statement of intent to commission Couple Therapy for Depression by Local Mental Health Commissioner if there is no current provision.

Applying for the course
To apply for the course please download and complete the form on this page and return to the address provided by dates stated on the application forms.

About the Training Provider

Tavistock Relationships (TR) developed Couple Therapy for Depression for use in IAPT Services, having been commissioned by the Department of Health to create a competencies framework for this treatment with Relate. TR subsequently produced the Training Course that leads to accreditation as a Couple Therapy for Depression IAPT Practitioner, and has successfully delivered it around England since 2010, as well as delivering Foundation and Supervisor courses. TR is currently the only Fully Accredited training provider for Couple Therapy for Depression. 

More information is available on the TR website, or by emailing training@tavistockrelationships.org



IAPT Couple Therapy for Depression Practitioner Training Oct 2019 - application form

IAPT Couple Therapy for Depression Practitioner Training Feb 2020 - application form