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IPT New Supervisor Training

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IPT New Supervisor Training

Accredited IAPT Training


Training Provider: IPTUK

Venue: Virtual/online

Dates: Unfortunately, this course has been cancelled for 2020/21.  Please enquire for further information via www.annafreud.org (+44 020 7794 2313)

Please note: this training is funded by Health Education England for professionals based in Yorkshire and Humber and North West regions of the country, who are based in organisations identified by Health Education England as in need of IAPT IPT Supervisor Training. Applicants need to be able to access their clinical work through an IAPT Service, and meet eligibility criteria as stated in the application form.

Cost: If you meet eligibility criteria but you are not based within IAPT service, you will need to fund the training yourself, or your employer might help you with the costs. The cost of thetraining is: £1150 - five training days plus £2000 - supervision (covering two IPT practitioner cases and initial supervision practice (Total cost per participant - £3150)

Please note: Deadline for applications is

About the training:

This course is made up of five training days scheduled over six months (on the above dates) and involves completion of two more IPT cases under accreditation level supervision and supervision of initial casework with a novice IPT therapist.  Training will be delivered online using a blended learning approach which will combine access to pre-recorded lectures, online resources such as role play demonstrations, guided reading and large groups and small group exercises.  Students will be required to access the training on Zoom for face to face group work and VIMEO, YouTube and selected relevant websites for offline work. Each training day will follow a timetable that combines online group activities and directed individual activity.  We will provide students with 2 weeks of access to course materials to allow flexibility in when students complete the directed individual activity.  We strongly recommend that students make use of this access throughout the whole training period and review some content in advance of the online training starting.  A detailed timetable will be provided in advance to help participants to prioritise materials for review to make the most of the online sessions.

The course aims to develop advanced skills in group and individual supervision of IPT practice. The course aims to provide participants with advanced knowledge and theoretical understanding of IPT, and will provide a competency based format for self-assessment and clinical supervision. It will extend the knowledge and skills of qualified IPT practitioners in the clinical application of IPT across all focal areas and a range of clinical presentations. This course will consolidate skills and develop knowledge and understanding of skills required to supervise in a peer and accreditation setting.

Trainees will develop skills in evaluating adherence to the IPT model, communicating effectively and constructively on the successful application of knowledge and techniques, and managing and supporting change in non adherent practice. The module will equip trainees with knowledge and understanding of the importance of communication skills, conceptualization skills evaluation skills, supporting skills transfer from alternative approaches, promoting development of new skills and adapted application of existing skills in IPT trainees.

This training has been commissioned by Health Education England for the professionals based in Yorkshire and Humber and North West region of the country, whose organisations have been identified as in need of IAPT IPT Supervisor Training. Training will be provided by Dr Roslyn Law for IPTUK at the Northern School of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (NSCAP).


Who is the course suitable for:

This course is suitable for IPT practitioners who have completed practitioner level accreditation and have registered with IPTUK (http://www.iptuk.net/ ) . Practitioners must have completed at least four IPT cases under accreditation level supervision.

Qualified IPT supervisors are also welcome to attend to develop competence in using a competency based protocol for IPT supervision or to become accredited as an IAPT IPT supervisor.


How to apply for the course:

To be able to secure a funded place on this training, you need to be based at organisation, which has been identified as in need of IPT Supervisor Training. If you need this criteria then please fill in an application form (to be found on the right hand side of this page) and return it to Course Administrator Michelle Anderton on michelle.anderton1@nhs.net