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Donald Meltzer CPD Workshop


Donald Meltzer CPD Workshop

In this fourth consecutive year of the Donald Meltzer CPD workshop, Dr. Alberto Hahn will discuss the seminal contribution that this author has made to the understanding of intimacy that develops in the analytic setting both in terms of the contribution of the analyst/therapist and the patient’s unconscious engagement with a process that is presided by a figure that has a transference significance.

The vicissitudes of the analytic relationship set up by two unique people with their own personalities and fluctuating states of mind makes every process equally unique. Within this context we will be discussing what are the common issues that arise in such a relationship, why it is therapeutic and think about the relevance of the conscious and unconscious exchange in the context of the transference-countertransference setting.

The aim in a CPD context is to enhance clinicians’ sensitivity to the states of mind that underpins the analytic attitude and that of their patients so that they can find their way to a better understanding that adds meaning to their clinical observations. The focus will be the analyst’s and patient’s state of mind, and the management of intimacy in the therapeutic setting. Participants will be encouraged to contribute to the discussion with their own ideas and clinical examples.

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