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Group Relations 2018


Group Relations 2018

In a turbulent and changing world, organisations are also constantly adapting and evolving to keep pace with social, political, economic and technological developments. Innovation is essential but needs to be built on solid foundations.

For the individual within these organisations the oscillating demands require a process of connection, disconnection and reconnection to our own knowledge, values and aspirations. This may mean holding differing and discordant perspectives simultaneously as we seek to establish what is useful and valuable in contemporary organisational life. Increasingly the working environment is transient - more ‘agile’ more ‘fluid’. This requires a capacity to examine both what we know, what we value and what we feel. Balancing both tradition and innovation to find a sustainable way forward becomes a central task for everyone working in and leading transient organisations.

The conference will assist participants to explore and understand more fully the complexity of individual and organisational identity within an uncertain context. Conference participants are supported to apply those insights to their professional practice, their work with and within organisations, and their interactions in society.

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