Courses & Training

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Courses & Training

Our model of learning and teaching

The Northern School of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy provides training and professional development for a wide range of students from across the health, social care and education sectors, in a variety of roles. In all our programmes there is an emphasis on the importance of observation and self-reflective practice. We have a particular perspective, informed by the application of psychoanalytic thinking, that helps students to identify and understand the ways in which unconscious processes can influence human behaviour and relationships.

Our model of teaching and learning is based on the idea that we learn through experience; the more we can learn to observe and understand what happens outside us and within, the more development can take place. Students are therefore encouraged to explore the ideas they encounter through applications to practice. This model of training comes directly from our experience as clinicians. NSCAP is a practice-led training organisation.

Our aim is to offer opportunities for people to develop their skills, starting with short introductory courses through to clinical training and specialist continuing professional development.  

These courses extend the individual's capacity to understand and withstand the emotional demands of their work and to offer a better service to their clients.


In this video students talk about their experience of learning and developing professionally at NSCAP.