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Psychoanalytic Approaches

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Psychoanalytic Approaches

This is a suite of interrelating flexible courses that can be taken separately or connected together to fit in with particular areas of interest, continuing professional development and an exploration of psychoanalytic perspectives.  This programme has grown from the long established and successful Saturday course "Personality Development Seminars" and the more recently developed "Therapeutic Communications with Adolescents" skills based workshops. Following a successful first year in 2018, the "Therapeutic Communications with Infants, Toddlers and their Parents" will run again for the third year starting October 2021.

Course 1:  Personality Development across the Life Cycle

This well established series of Saturday Seminars tracks the development of the personality from before birth to old age, exploring the internal and external factors that combine to make us who we are.

Each seminar is led by an experienced psychoanalytic clinician and includes a variety of teaching methods: lecture, presentation, group discussion and small group work, using mediums such as poetry, children’s literature and film to convey psychoanalytic concepts in an accessible way.

Venue: venue/face to face delivery  to be confirmed

Course 2: Therapeutic Communication with Infants Toddlers and their Parents

Seminars and skills-based workshops which follow the same format as the highly successful Therapeutic Communication with Adolescents (TCA) course; a three day skills-based programme which is informed by psychoanalytic and developmental research and clinical practice. It has two components; a Personality Development (PD) Seminar followed by a two hour workshop which aims to build participants’ confidence in therapeutic communication in early years work with infants, toddlers and their parents. 

Venue: venue/face to face delivery  to be confirmed

Course 3:  Therapeutic Communication with Adolescents

This highly successful course has two components: 3 Personality Development Seminars (which are part of the main PD series), followed by 3 two hour skills-based workshops on therapeutic communication.

Venue: venue/face to face delivery  to be confirmed

Certificates for CPD will be issued for all courses described in this prospectus. Full attendance is required.

For further information, dates/times and to find out how to apply, please see the download on this page or contact the Course Administrator on 0113 855 8750. 



An enormous amount of thinking opened up in a surprisingly short number of hours



Psychoanalytic Approaches: Prospectus and Application Form October 2021 - July 2022