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Psychoanalytic Approaches

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Psychoanalytic Approaches

We are delighted to offer in 2023-24 a well-established series of flexible courses that can be taken separately or connected together to ft in with particular areas of interest,continuing professional development and an exploration of psychoanalytic perspectives.

The centrality of unconscious emotional experience within developmental frameworks is at the heart of the learning. The focus on the unique insights offered by opening up to unconscious communications and mind-body experience is the distinctive offer of these courses. How unconscious and developmental perspectives relate to culture and socio-political contexts frame the seminars and discussions and at times of unprecedented uncertainty and disruption these perspectives have never been more relevant.

New for 2023-2024 the seminars and workshops across the Psychoanalytic Approaches Portfolio will be a combination of remote (Zoom) and face-to-face teaching to support the learning on the programme, whilst making it accessible to students across the northern region.

These well-received courses attract a diversity of multi-disciplinary students a range of different levels of experience offering opportunities to reconnect with current understanding while opening up new horizons. Students can take one seminar or a journey across the life cycle.

For further information, dates/times and to find out how to apply, please see the download on this page or contact the Course Administrator on 0113 855 8750. 



An enormous amount of thinking opened up in a surprisingly short number of hours



Psychoanalytic Approaches: Prospectus and Application Form October 2023 - July 2024