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Guides to Child Psychotherapy

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Guides to Child Psychotherapy

Information for children and young people

Help! A guide to psychotherapy for children

Information for parents, carers, professionals and commissioners

Two guides have been produced by the Association of Child Psychotherapists to answer questions about child and adolescent psychotherapy: what it is, how it can help improve outcomes for children, young people and families and how you can access this service. Click on the titles below to download.

CAPT: A guide for parents, carers and families

CAPT: A guide for those working with children, young people and families

The new Briefing Paper Series by the Association of Child Psychotherapists, published in Sept 2011, highlights the specialist work carried out by child and adolescent psychotherapists (CAPTs) in eight areas. Click on the titles below to download.

CAPT in the early years
CAPT in schools
CAPT with children and young people in hospitals and their families
CAPT with children with disabilities and their families
CAPT in the family courts
CAPT with fostered and adopted children
CAPT with parents and carers
CAPT: longer-term and more intensive work

An excellent series of leaflets covering children’s emotional development from birth to adulthood was written by experienced child and adolescent psychotherapists for the Child Psychotherapy Trust.  These are now available to download for free from:

Understanding Childhood