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Partnerships are key to NSCAP

We deliver training programmes in partnership with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and the Universities of Leeds and Essex.  

We are hosted as an organisation by Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust and accredited by the Association of Child Psychotherapists, the professional body for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists in the UK.  We have links with most of the NHS CAMHS providers in the north of England and are keen to strengthen our partnerships with agencies in the health, social care, education and justice sectors including voluntary and independent organisations.   

Association of Child Psychotherapists -  The professional body for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists working in the NHS.

British Psychoanalytic Council -The association representing the profession of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy.   

Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust - our principal training and development partner.

Other psychoanalytic psychotherapy training schools

Birmingham Trust for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

British Association of Psychotherapists

Human Development Scotland (formerly the Scottish Institute of Human Relations)

Organisations with shared interests

Anna Freud Centre

The Institute of Psychoanalysis - including information about the Institute's Clinical Service North Low Fee Scheme

Harry Guntrip Trust

Group Analysis North

The Institute of Group Analysis


Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Pen Green Children’s Centre 

Journal of Child Psychotherapy

International Journal of Infant Observation and Its Applications