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Organisational Development Seminars

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Organisational Development Seminars

Using the Tavistock Model of Understanding the Systems and Psychodynamics of Work and Organisations

Seminars to be delivered via Zoom

As part of NSCAP’s commitment to professional and personal development we are pleased to offer a series of seminars focussed on the experience of working and leading in organisations. The seminars are an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of work, organisations, and the individuals and groups within
them. The distinctive feature of our approach is the attention given to the ‘beneath the surface’ emotions and dynamics that impact on individual and organisational functioning. The seminars explore how a self-reflective stance can enable participants to work better in complex situations.

They draw on the internationally recognised Tavistock model of understanding organisations which brings together learning from systems theory, psychodynamics and group relations training.

Series B: Exploring authority and leadership at work takes place from April 2024 to September 2024.

For further information and an application form please see downloads on this page or contact the Course Administrator on 0113 855 8750


“It was really good intellectually but also had a big impact on my wellbeing and helped me get to grips with some difficult and draining organisational dynamics.”


Organisational Development Seminars Series B - Exploring authority and leadership at work