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Foundation Course in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

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Foundation Course in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

PG Dip/MA Foundation Course in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (D58L)

Part One: Qualifying Course in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (for work with adults)

The Foundation Course in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a long established programme of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. It is aimed at professionals working in adult mental health services.  The course is also available in the north of England through collaboration between NSCAP, Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust and the Tavistock Clinic.  The programme is validated by the University of Essex.  

This course is for you if you work in the helping professions and are thinking of training as a psychotherapist using psychoanalytic principles.  This involves being aware of the unconscious communications of the patient and in particular the developing relationship between therapist and patient.

The programme is held weekly on a Wednesday, over the 3 academic terms of each year and a minimum commitment of 2/3 years is required. In addition to attending on Wednesdays students see patients and attend their personal therapy throughout the year.

Successful completion of the Foundation Course can lead to progression onto the Inter-cultural Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Part Two: Qualifying course in psychodynamic psychotherapy (D59L) or  to train in psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.  Some individuals will often take the Foundation Course to enhance current practice whilst for others this may be the beginning of an escalator to a full training.

Application process

If you are interested in applying for the course in 2022-23 academic year please click on the following link: Foundation Course in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, application process.

Applications for the course (code: D58L) must be made online, and deadline for applications is end of July 2022. Please click on the link below which will take you to the applications webpage for courses run by NSCAP with the Tavistock and Portman. You will need to register as a new applicant before completing the application. For more information about studies please contact Martin Gill.

Apply Online

Any Further enquiries can be directed to NSCAP on 0113 855 8750 or nscap.lypft@nhs.net.

For further course information on the Tavistock website, click here.

For information on the British Psychoanalytic Council, please click here.



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