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Meltzer Study Group

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Meltzer Study Group

The Donald Meltzer Development Fund is dedicated to the promotion and teaching of Dr Meltzer’s ideas. In line with that the Northern School is pleased to host the third year of a study group in collaboration with The Donald Meltzer Development Fund to explore the writings of Donald Meltzer. The study group is designed as CPD for qualified child and adolescent and adult psychoanalytic psychotherapists interested in deepening their understanding of Kleinian and post-Kleinian psychoanalytic theories and their application to clinical practice.

This year the group will be exploring the work of Wilfred Bion and linking it with Part 3 of Meltzer’s “The Kleinian Development”, engaging
with Bion’s texts “Experiences in Groups”, “Second Thoughts”, “Learning from Experience”, “Elements of Psycho-Analysis”, “Attention and Interpretation” and “The Grid”, and will consider Meltzer’s interpretation of these works.

Please download the flyer to the right of this page for further information and an application form.

For information on the Donald Meltzer CPD event (July 2018), please see the downloadable flyer/application to the right of the page.


Meltzer Study Group

Meltzer CPD Event July 2018

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