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Lectures from the Institute of Psychoanalysis


Lectures from the Institute of Psychoanalysis

The highly regarded “Annual Introductory Lectures” , delivered by the Institute of Psychoanalysis with whom NSCAP has a collaborative partnership, are accessible throughout the UK in London, Leeds, Newcastle, Penrith & Reading. The Introductory Lectures are a two-part series, offering an overall view of the core concepts in psychoanalysis and their main applications.The course is open to all including those completely new to the subject and no specific experience or qualifications are required.

It’s an opportunity for learning and discussion in the company of a range of people sharing curiosity and interest regarding psychoanalytic ideas and their relation to the world, psychoanalysis as a treatment and psychoanalysis as a profession.

For further information about course dates and venues, please visit the Institute of Psychoanalysis website here.

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Institute of Psychoanalysis

British Psychoanalytic Council

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